Hello Koren!

Today I had the opportunity to meet Koren, the celebrity make up artist and meeting him gave me so much inspiration to really get serious in taking my aesthetics class to start a new career in skin care and make up…

To much of my surprise, Koren happens to be the son of a colleague of mine.  So I took the first opportunity to meet him when he visited San Jose again.  I spent a late lunch talking to him about my endeavor to jump in the same ship he’s into right now.  We talked, he gave me tips, and it was really a pleasant afternoon with him and his mom.

I really look forward to get on board and just felt nice to have a fresh start talking to one of the biggest celebrity make up artist before I even start my school.  I know like what my fortune cookie said, a life long dream will finally come true…  I always wanted to own my spa someday…  I always loved make up eversince…  I always have a passion for beauty and have a good hand to enhance it…  This will be a great start to get serious and get started.



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