Revisiting Rizal…

I never felt there was much significance when I took my Rizal courses in college until we had our Revisiting Rizal event here in the States again in line with Fil-Am History Month. After morethan a decade out of college and passing Rizal as one of the college subject, I never really paid much attention to it specially when I almost just passed the subject then by Prof. Roda… Oh believe me, if there was a way to get away with it I would have skipped it then… But in the event we had here from yesterday, it strucked in a different manner. I almost realized, “Hey! How come I never thought Rizal can be an interesting Filipino Masteriece?!” The words, the talents and the charisma of this man have radiated yesterday… is it because we are far away from our native land? Or is it now that we had the chance to really pay much attention?

Rizal was our national hero and as we explored organizing the event project he was adorned in other countries too… he have his monuments not just in Luneta. And as Prof. Mike Gonzalez mentioned not just he love the Philippines but the women too but hey, maybe then having 14 girlfriends is too much but nowadays it didn’t matter. He was a charming intelligent man that it was easy for him to entice women to fall for him. He is a poet and we all know being “makata” at that time is a huge advantage.

But you know? It’s not just the women which was significant… it was his love for his country to lift our pride all these years which makes his legacy alive… I totally savored every single word in the poems and songs that became alive to me yesterday made huge impact. It’s not just mere words uttered but you can see his heart and soul with it… how every single poem and story were written. I wanna give it as well to the readers, singer and musicians how much life they gave to bring us back to the emotions Rizal had at the time he wrote these master pieces…

He surely is making me feel much proud to be a Filipino… His words left a fire of keeping my Pinay spirit alive rekindling the love of my country.

To the Bayanihan Movement Inc I thank you for the opportunity to Revisit Rizal once again…

Mabuhay tayong Pilipino!


Back to School

Yesterday, I made a big decision to go back to school to take another step in fulfilling one of my passion, skin care and cosmetics…

I enrolled myself in Aesthetic Course to become a Medical Esthetician. In this class, I will learn everything about skin, care and natural enhancement (not by surgery!). Eversince I was more into it actually, I always love skin care, make up and the works. Although I have not had much time to wear make up lately, I kept the skills all these years for special occasions. Every girl wants to get pampered and would take the chance to go to spa all the time whenever they can and able.

I am going to one of the most prestigious school of beauty called, Academy for Salon Professional. Their main training is by Redken, Mac and Dermalogica which are leading products in this beauty world. Although personally, I love Bare Escentuals which I will always be a biased in natural organic mineral cosmetics, I may say, Mac is a great line for hardcore cosmetic line which are mostly used in the fashion world.

In this course we will learn about skin, the science of it, skin care, make up is just an enhancement and not a cover up, a great skin still is a plus. Skin treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion, diamond peel, glycollic peel, enzyme treatments and the works. Another section is waxing, no pain no gain as they say specially for us girls. And the last one is make up artistry.

My ultimate goal is to have an Organic Spa with a coffee shop where people can get pampered naturally and hang out with a great meal. It simply means, good skin comes from good food as well.

This is where I love France, for great natural food and skin care lines. They have the palate on great dining and great products in skin care and cosmetics.

In the future I look forward to put up my own Spa Cafe all over the world… But for now, lemme me finish off the long hours of studying and applying what I have learned first and definitely would get back writing more on this category as I begin to explore about this…

Be happy beautiful people!

Haves and Wants

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