In every successful man, beside a woman

In every successful man, behind a woman is a common saying but for me, I would rather say, “In every successful man, besides a woman…” Not just a feminist point of view but now a days, wives should not just be at home taking care of the children and doing household chores. I’m not saying that being a traditional wife and mother is not a noble role in the family. But let’s realize when the society sets the women as they get married to be ready to settle down in the house to make a home. But if you would look at successful men, all their wives are not housewives; these women are with their husband not just to share their success but worked together for both of their success. Just that most of the time men take the frontline of these successes.

Women are created as co-maker of this world. That clearly means, women should be a part of working together with the husband and not just guarding what the husband brings home in their table. They are not there to wait for their husband to come home to prepare dinner, to help them relax and rest and to prepare for their husband’s next days work. And I am not saying as well that women should stop doing these responsibilities as well. There’s nothing wrong taking good care of the children and their husbands, the wives shouldn’t just be limited to that role in the family.

Most of the time we limit the roles of the wives to what I have mentioned earlier. But if we would open our eyes to see that there are more things wives can do besides the usual, if we would only recognize the talents, strengths and capacities wives could use to do other things outside the four corners of the house. If we would only explore and give them the chance to hear them, give them a chance to say something, do something and try something, it can give good results. Women when they settle down have the tendency to stop what they used to do, what they usually think, say and so on and so forth just because they need to follow rules, agreements and marriage culture. They mostly intend to have children, quit their jobs and stay at home.

But that is an ultimate mistake to give up everything just because you want to be a wife and a mom. Women can still take other roles aside from being a wife and mom. And that’s what most of the successful couple did in the past. They let their wives take more responsibilities and not just being a home maker. They became their business partners, business consultant, and co-decision maker. Women who took bigger roles with their partners are more successful. If you would notice most successful couples are achieving more of their goals because they worked together as a team. It’s not going to be easy but it can be a strong team up.

There are just certain things that both partners should recognize and acknowledge. There are certain rules that both partners should follow, within the boundaries of their team up and home. The more you have talked about it and agreed upon each details the more it can be an easier team up, the smoother the relationship can be maintained even if there are more to it than just being husband and wife.  Women empowerment doesn’t mean less empowerment for men…  It’s an enhancement that contributes on the men, men’s weakness may be women’s strength like being more detailed than men.  Men and women are created in this world for different reasons, talents and attributes but they should definitely go together and work for the best.


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